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stores all your travel information in one place. We combine destination details from multiple sources to help you choose the perfect destinations. Take full control of your vacations and create the best experiences you can!
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Everything in One Place
Trekstarter puts all the best tools on one site
  • Single app for all your travel needs
  • Locate, Rate and Save Favorite Locations
  • Read reviews & ratings from multiple sources
  • Integrated with your favorite sites: Google, Yelp, Wikipedia, Weather Underground
  • It's a web app so it works on all your devices!
Advanced Maps
Trekstarter places your entire trip on one map
  • Show the locations you want to visit the most
  • Easily upload and pin your photos on a map
  • Search maps for locations
  • Quick links to driving directions
  • Import GPS data (gpx & kml files)
Quickly Track your Expenses
Set a budget and track costs during your trip
  • Set a budget for your trip and stick to it!
  • Track individual expenses for each location
  • Quickly see your budget and expenses in one place
  • Add a comment, photo and expense all at once
Track memories too!
Easily create travel diaries
  • Add comments and photos during your trip
  • Easily share your your photos and visited locations with friends & family
  • View your past travel diaries at any time
...and much more!
We are continuously improving Trekstarter with new partners and features. Our mission is to make Trekstarer your favorite travel app.